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Mango & Tango

for Clarinet and Bassoon

The title "Mango & Tango" comes from a pair of identical twin kittens with the same names that a friend of mine adopted while we were in college together. I tried to capture the two sides of these unique twins; the playful, sassy, and even sarcastic "Mango" theme, followed by a more intimate, drowsy "Tango" section. At times, the clarinet and bassoon seem to be competing with one another, at others, working together. I wanted to explore the range of activities and adventures of the two twin kittens in any given day: from a lazy afternoon nap to frisky midnight adventures and everything in between. 

The performance above is from the Nebraska Chamber Players" Concerts on the Creek" SeriesJuly 22, 2017

Ed Love, Clarinet
Joyce Besch, Bassoon

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