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Reaching Turiya

for Oboe, String Trio, and Narrator 

Recording coming soon...

Commissioned by Emily Aida DiAngelo
Dedicated to the Students and Staff of the Prudence Risley College for the Creative and Performing Arts

at Cornell University

"Reaching Turiya" is a piece for Oboe, String Quartet, and Narrator with text derived from the a Yoga Nidra script.  Yoga Nidra is practice of yogic meditation that aims to reach the deepest level of awareness, a state of consciousness between sleeping and being awake, known as "Turiya."  The piece follows the flow of a Yoga Nidra meditation, with the following movements:

I. Introduction
II. Relaxation
III. Sankalpa
IV. Visualization
V. Repeat Sankalpa
VI. Return

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