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The Sun and The Sea

for Voice, Flute, Cello and Piano

text by Jake Gunnar Walsh

The Sun and The Sea
The Sun opens his slumbering eyes
and lets their light spill on The Sea.
The Sea wakes up, and he smiles and cries,
and he dreams of a day he’ll be free.

The Sun gazes deep into ocean’s eyes,
though miles from where he may be.
The Sea turns his face and looks up to bright skies…
Alone, together;
 the Sun and the Sea.

Now those saltwater tears that the sad ocean cries
brings waves crashing up toward the Sun,
so that curious Sun climbs down out of his sky
to see what on earth could be done.

And up close he sees not just a pain ocean’s deep,
but reflections of pain of his own,
so the Sea holds him tight and they tumble to sleep,
where they dream and embrace the unknown.

And when they wake up they are safe on the sand
and it seems like that sea storm has passed,
So the Sun and the Sea walk away hand in hand,
two strangers together at last.

They walk ‘round the world and they see that it’s real,
and the Sun burns more deep than before,
and they smile and cry and they’re starting to heal,
and the Sea glistens bright on the shore.

And the Sun dips his toes in the waters of love,
and the Sea feels those warm summer rays,
and he thanks the bright sun for coming down from above,
as he offers his deep crystal gaze.

But a storm starts to brew when the Gods disagree,
invisible, high in the sky,
so the two lovers walk out deep into the sea,
with the sun shining bright in their eyes.

But the tide rips the Sun away from the Sea,
and the Sea is engulfed in himself,
with his saltwater tears crashing waves high and free,
far from his love on that stormy shelf.

And the earth catches fire and the sky starts to weep,
and the Sea dives to look for the Sun,
and the Sun holds his breath as he searches down deep--
But that storm had already won.

The Sun takes his spot back up in the sky,
and the Sea stretches out far and wide.
each day the Sun opens his bright lonely eyes,
their light spills on that faraway tide.

But the Sun won’t forget those deep ocean eyes,
and the Sea can still feel the Sun shine,
for a love like the Sun and the Sea never dies;
it echoes through nature and time.

I open my slumbering eyes,
and let their light spill onto you.
You wake up and you smile and cry,
and you dream of me there next to you.

I gaze deep into your ocean eyes,
though you’re miles and miles from me.
You turn your face and look up to bright skies--
Alone, together, and free…

We love like the Sun and the Sea.

Premiered October 2015​

Penelope-Myles Voss, voice

Sarah Peskanov, flute

Madeline May, cello

Jake Gunnar Walsh, piano
Ithaca, NY

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